Kosovo given provisional recognition

Lausanne, Switzerland, May 12, 2015 - The FIVB Board of Administration approved the provisional recognition of the National Federation of Kosovo, pending the 2016 World Congress ratification.

The addition of the Kosovo National Volleyball Federation brings the total number of FIVB member federations to 221.

The Board reviewed three National Federation cases in total on Tuesday with the application of the Philippines pending until the receipt of outstanding payments has arrived to the FIVB while the South Sudan application was put on hold due to the political situation in the country and the lack of complete documentation.

Meanwhile, Stav Jacobi, the President of the Board of Directors of Eventcourt AG, who is orgnaiser of the FIVB Volleyball Women’s World Championship until 2019, was presented to the FIVB Board of Administration as a new co-opted member.

In accordance with Point of the FIVB Constitution which states, the President may decide to co-opt up to four (4) additional members with special coordinating duties in relation to FIVB Competitions and until the end of said FIVB Competitions. Mr Jacobi attended the FIVB Executive Committee meeting and the FIVB Board of Administration meeting.

The Board of Administration also approved the Board of Administration 2014 and World Congress 2014 minutes as well as the new Chairman of the Appeal Panel Lic. Miguel Caceres-Colon from Puerto Rico, who replaced Mr Macias Uribe from Mexico who stood down for health reasons. 

Rezultatet e ligave:

SUPERLIGA - Meshkujt

Nr.Ekipi N.P.
1.Luboteni 1442
2.Peja 1430
3.Prishtina Volley 1428
4.Drenica-R&Rukolli 1425
5.Theranda 1417
6.Vushtrria 1416
7.As Vushtria 148
8.Prishtina 142


Nr.Ekipi N.P.
1.Drita 1437
2.Skenderaj 1436
3.Kastrioti 1432
4.Prishtina Volley 1427
5.Ferizaj 1410
6.Gryka 149
7.Drenasi 149
8.Prishtina 148

Liga e I-rė - Femrat

Nr.Ekipi N.P.
1.Vushtrria 924
2.Trepça 922
3.Ulpiana 1017
4.Akad. Drita 915
5.F. Kosova 1014
6.Dukagjini 97
7.Prishtina J 100

Liga e I-rė - Meshkujt

Grupi Lindje:

Nr.Ekipi N.P.
1.Ulpiana 718
2.Shpella 615
3.Ferizaj 610
4.Arberia 75
5.Kacaniku 73

Grupi Perendim:

Nr.Ekipi N.P.
1.Malisheva 616
2.Vėllaznimi 614
3.Drenasi 65
4.Gjimnazisti 52